Department of Physical and Chemical Testing

The laboratory located in the Department of Biocides and Medical Ecology is an integral part of the Service for Biocides and Medical Ecology Programs. Bearing in mind that the Institute uses preparations belonging to the group of bicidal products in the performance of DDD conditions, the chemical laboratory performs quality control related to analytical tests of the chemical correctness of biocides. These preparations are used as registered biocidal products for the treatment of larvae and adult forms of mosquitoes, ticks and harmful rodents, for use in communal hygiene. We are actively working on the development and testing of new biocidal products. The development of new products is the result of the development of a business strategy that aims to improve the quality of work by increasing efficiency in the provision of services as well as preserving the environment.

The laboratory employs professional and trained staff who fully perform all activities provided for in the plan and program. Great attention is paid to the education of employees in the service with the aim of introducing new methods of work both in the field and in the laboratory. The laboratory has modern equipment that is a confirmation of the improvement of the quality of work in terms of providing services to its customers. The analytical laboratory is equipped with gas and liquid chromatography devices from renowned manufacturers, as well as an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, without which no modern laboratory could be imagined today. The laboratory bases its quality tests on biocidal products on CIPAC, AOAC, WHO methods.

In addition to regular internal control of preparations (biocides), the laboratory provides services to individual users. In our laboratory, we can analyze preparations that belong to the group of insecticides and preparations that are used for deratization.

The Department of Physical and Chemical Tests examines, monitors and maps certain groups and categories of pollutants in the environment, primarily in wastewater, as well as their impact on human health.

In addition to these services, we also provide professional services of chemical advisors related to the formation of documentation for the registration of biocidal products with the competent ministry.

The Department for Physico-Chemical Testing had its first supervisory assessment by the Accreditation Body of Serbia and is currently in the last phase of implementation of the SRPS ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Accreditation Certificate 17025:2017